Xbox One Backward Compatibility Team Discusses How They Do It And It’s Not Easy

Backward Compatibility is a feature that allows you to use the old Xbox 360 platform games on the Xbox One platform. Which is a really useful feature letting you play your old favorite games again. Xbox has been coming with regular updates bringing more and more games to its library.

If you have an Xbox you will get to play Xbox games better than before with up to massive 9x resolution and will be displayed in 4k. This stunning method was created by Microsoft Engineer Eric Heutchy.

The latest example and proof how amazing this feature is Red Dead Redemption which got enhanced for Xbox One X and is now available for you in native 4k graphics that means 9x pixel count with overall improved textures.

In a recent issue of Edge’s magazine Xbox Platform Lead, Bill Stillwell talked about the efforts they put in to bringing old games back and add Xbox One enhancements to it.

He said:

We’re having to constantly tune the emulator to make it more precise, but every time you make it more precise, you make it less powerful. The enhancements are a lot of work because we really have to go back and tune the performance profile so there’s no change in the gameplay experience. And we don’t do half measures.

Talking further Stillwell also discussed how Eric Heutchy came up with this method and tried it on Halo 3 which afterward looked like a brand new game on Xbox One. He also discussed the issues they face regarding the music of the game.

He said in Xbox 360 days streaming was almost non-existent and publishers bought licenses because they were cheaper unlike this era of Xbox one where it includes built-in GameDVR and Game Broadcast. Whenever they decide to release something on Xbox One the license prohibits it. The legal elements of this are as big issue of a technical one.

Do you use the Backward compatibility feature on Xbox One and What games you want to be added next? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Wccftech