Microsoft Won’t Build a Battle Royale Game Just Because Other Game Built It, According to Phil Spencer

According to the head of Xbox at Microsoft, Phill Spencer, Microsoft’s Battle Royale is not a possibility. He did appreciate the success of Battle Royale genre, still, he added that fans should not expect it from Microsoft.

So fans who have had any expectations for Microsoft Battle Royale, they should not look forward to it.

As Phill Spencer recently Tweeted, acknowledging the fact that Battle Royale is a successful genre, still he thinks that just because everyone else is making one doesn’t necessarily mean Microsoft should also create a BR game.

Furthermore, he commented on the success of  PUBG and Fortnite. Adding to that he said that though other developers are creating different variations of the Battle Royale version Microsoft isn’t interested in the first party battle royale game unless they can create something unique, a different take on the genre.

Unless Microsoft has an interesting idea that can be equally compelling there is no point.

So what this apparently seems to suggest is that we certainly cannot expect any standalone Battle Royale game from any of the Microsoft studios. The company is more interested in supported current titles rather than working on a first part battle royale game.

Still, it also leaves a possibility for an existing Microsft game to get a Battle Royale mode.

That being said, it is just a mere speculation and nothing is confirmed at this moment. We will have to see what Microsoft plans regarding this genre.

In other news, Microsoft’s financial statement has also been recently revealed for the third quarter, which ended on March 31st. The reveals show a considerable revenue increase in Xbox software and gaming.

The gaming revenue has increased 18 percent year on year, driven by Xbox software and revenue growth of 24%.

Seems like Microsoft is doing pretty good for itself. Keeping all that into context, what are your thoughts on the Microsoft Battle Royale game? let us know in the comments below.