Final Fantasy 15 Was Once In Development By Eidos Montreal, YouTuber Claims

Final Fantasy 15 rolled out on PC this year, and while we all are aware that it has been developed by a popular Japanese studio, Square Enix. A YouTuber seems to suggest that there is a good chance that the title might have once been handed over to an entirely different development team, Eidos Montreal.

Yes, that is correct, according to YouTuber SuperBunnyHop, also known as, George Weidman, there are several Eidos Montreal developers who claim that their studio had spent a reasonable time developing a game which they thought would be Final Fantasy 15 until it was canceled sometime on the year 2013.

Since there is no authentic evidence which can prove this to be true, so we would recommend you to take this as a rumor.

Now, it does seem interesting, that the series which has never seen any developer other than the Japanese Square Enix, might have once been in development by Canadian developers.

According to Weidman’s sources Eidos Montreal had come up with an idea for an original new IP. Furthermore, it was to be an epic sci-fi opera featuring a love triangle and interplanetary travel. They were at that time on the road of making a game similar to Final Fantasy in space.

Following that, the president Yoichi Wada liked the idea and give Eidos Montreal the go ahead. As you can guess, the directors of Square Enix didn’t like the idea and the whole development got dropped.

That said, overall this may be a compelling story supported by Weidman still it does not provide much confirmation to the information. It would be best to assume this as he himself suggests, “an elaborately specific rumor.”

Keeping all that into context, what are your thoughts on this information about Final Fantasy 15? Let us know in the comments below.