Destiny 2 PS4 Available for Just $9.99, Grab It Today

Destiny 2 is coming from the makers of the hit game Halo, Bungie. It is an action shooter which has its own universe in which the human’s last safe city is taken over by an invasion force led by Ghaul, so you must fight against him together with your team to defend your home in this massive online based universe.

Destiny 2 is on sale and available for  $9.99 on BestBuy.

Destiny 2 had mixed reviews some people liked it and some didn’t it has been struggling a lot since but Bungie has been keeping up with the community to work on fixes and bring what players like. So the game is in a much better shape right now and for only $9.99, it is a steal.

Developers are making further improvements to the game, Bungie recently hired a Youtuber named  Patrick ‘Holtzmann’ Casey as a gameplay specialist who has been playing the game since its launch and aims to improve the game.

Destiny also has new Warmind expansion scheduled to release soon and we got know about it in some leaks. The Warmind DLC includes a new story, a landing zone, new exotic gear, escalation event and is set on Mars.

Bungie has recently announced that they are bringing Destiny 2 weapon upgrade soon and will introduce a system to allow you to modify exotic weapons which you can take a detailed look at here.

Bungie is trying to take Destiny 2 in the right direction and this can be the perfect time for you try it out while it’s on sale.