GTA 4 Update Removes Songs Due To License Expiration, Fascination By David Bowie Also Removed

A few days back we heard the news that some songs in GTA 4 will be getting removed, as the license expires in 10 years and apparently the time has come. The new GTA 4 Update has rolled out and it has removed many songs from the game.

Songs have always had a unique role to play in all the GTAs. Listening to amazing songs while driving has been one of the perks in GTA 4.

Apparently, this perk is no more, well it is still there since some of the songs are still present.

This new GTA 4 Update has hit hard on the Russian and Ukranian music channel Vladivostok FM. GTA 4’s classic rock radio station, Liberty Rock songs also got hit.

Some of the most loved songs like; The Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979,” David Bowie’s “Fascination” and ELO’s “Evil Woman” have been plucked out of the game.

This full list of the titles which have been compiled by members of the GTA Forums and subreddit have been listed below.

Vladivostok FM

Kino – “Группа крови” [Gruppa Krovi / Blood Type] Marakesh – “Ждать” [Zhdat / To Wait] Zveri – “Квартира” [Kvartira / The Flat] Seryoga – “King Ring”
Splean – “Линия жизни” [Liniya Zhizni / Lifeline] Basta – “Мама” [Mama / Mother] Leningrad – “Никого не жалко” [Nikogo ne Zhalko / A Pity for No One] Ranetki Girls – “О тебе” [O Tebe / About You] Dolphin – “РЭП” [Rap] Glukoza – “Швайне” [Schweine / Pigs] Ruslana – “Wild Dances” Ukranian FM Version
Oleg Kvasha – “Зеленоглазое такси” Club Remix [Zelenoglazoe * Taksi / Green Eyed Taxi] Sucker DJs – “Salvation” (TBOGT)
Jonathan Peters feat. Maya Azucena – “Music” (TBOGT)
David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland – “When Love Takes Over” (TBOGT)

Liberty Rock Radio

The Smashing Pumpkins – “1979”
Stevie Nicks – “Edge of Seventeen”
Electric Light Orchestra – “Evil Woman”
David Bowie – “Fascination”
Black Sabbath – “Heaven And Hell”
AC/DC – “Touch Too Much” (TLAD)
The Doors – “Five To One” (TLAD)
Jefferson Starship – “Jane” (TLAD)
Iron Maiden – “Run To The Hills” (TLAD)

The Journey

Terry Riley – “A Rainbow in Curved Air”
Michael Shrieve – “Communique: ‘Approach Spiral’”
San Juan Sounds
Angel y Khriz – “Ven Báilalo”
IF99 – “International Funk”
Gil Scott-Heron – “Home Is Where the Hatred Is”

Liberty City Hardcore

Cro-Mags – “It’s the Limit”
Leeway – “Enforcer”
Bathory – ”Call from the Grave” (TLAD)

K109 The Studio

Tamiko Jones – “Can’t Live Without Your Love”
Rose Royce – “Still In Love” (TBOGT)
The Vibe 98.8

Mtume – “C.O.D. (I’ll Deliver)”

Radio Broker

Ralph Myerz – “The Teacher”
The Beat 102.7

Fat Joe (feat. Lil Wayne) – “Crackhouse”
Papoose – “Stylin’”

The Classics

Brand Nubian – “All for One”
Marley Marl (feat. Craig G) – “Droppin’ Science”

Vice City FM

Robbie Nevil – “C’est la Vie”
Mai Tai – “History”
Womack & Womack – “Teardrops”
Scritti Politti – “Wood Beez (Pray like Aretha Franklin)”
John Farnham – “You’re the Voice”

Video Editor

Boy 8-Bit – “A City Under Siege”
Crookers (feat. Nic Sarno) – “Boxer”
SonicC – “Stickin”
Hook N Sling – “The Best Thing”
Marly – “You Never Know”

There will come a time when hardly any song will be left in the game and same is going to happen to Grand Theft Auto 5.