God of War Map In Collector’s Edition Contains Another Secret

A game as expansive as God of War undoubtedly has a huge number of different secrets and stuff to find in it, and for some players who bought the Collector’s Edition and have gotten the Stone Mason’s map, they’ve just uncovered yet another secret. The God of War map is actually one big puzzle.

The Stone Mason’s map came with the two different Collector’s Editions of the game, and gave players a look at the wide world that they would be exploring over the course of the game, showing all nine realms and major landmarks. Several runic inscriptions are also on it, and those runes are the key to the puzzle.

By using the runic library included in the games, players can figure out what it says in English, which ends up being a riddle and instructions on how to find another secret within the game. The riddle talks about the dwarven craftsmen Brok and Sindri and how they lost a treasure, blaming one another for it and refusing to speak to each other since.

The way that players can uncover the secret is to go to Muspelheim, finding a golden circle on the ground and following the instructions: look straight ahead to the temple of Tyr, then look at the left brazier, then the right, and then back to the left. Then, look straight back at the temple, then down at the ground, then back up to the right brazier, back to the left, and then back at Tyr’s temple.

You’ll know you’ve done this right when you hear the sound of a gong, and a dimensional rift opens up in front of you. Kratos will reach in and pull out a special item, a new pommel for his axe that boosts all of his stats, and also adds a concussive blast of air to the end of his light attack combos.

So, even if you don’t have the God of War map that allowed others to pick up the secret, you can still follow the instructions here to see.