Frostpunk Sales Hit The Goal, Studio Has New Modes Planned

Frostpunk is a city survival game where every decision comes with a cost, in an ultimate frozen world where people are trying to survive. 11 Bit Studios, the developer of the game, claims that it has sold  250,000 copies since its launch on Tuesday.

With 250,000 sales the studio has covered all of its development and marketing costs, which means now they can focus on further updates for the game.

CEO, Grzegorz Miechowski thanked and talked about the future updates on Twitter:

“Yes, we had plans for the expansions and now we’re 100% sure we are doing that, including many free updates of course!”

The studio also talked about their post-release update on Steam telling it was their biggest game ever:

Frostpunk’s release was a HUGE thing for us, as you may imagine. It is our biggest and most complex game to date – and thanks to your amazing support – it may be our biggest success as well! The feedback we’ve received from you, from gaming press and influencers – has been truly amazing (and very useful!). We can’t thank you enough – you are absolutely awesome!

The studio said further that they aim to polish the game and fix bugs being faced by the players. They also plan to add more modes and scenarios to the game but the studio wrote that it is too early to announce the plans they have for the game but suggests that we should be excited and they have a sandbox/endless mode in their minds too.

Frostpunk is growing the studio says and they will reveal the plans for the game when they are ready. They are also open to fan suggestions. For now, it’s clear their main focus is to work on fixing bugs and issues with the game first until they reach a point when they are ready to reveal some exciting updates.

Frostpunk is exclusively available for Microsoft Windows only and If you are new to Frostpunk we have a beginners guide which will help you understand the game better.