Destiny 2: Warmind Map Leaked Including Landing Zones And Hidden Data

Destiny 2’s next expansion is releasing in almost two weeks and Bungie has been more than eager to provide us with information about its content. One thing they didn’t provide is the new Destiny 2: Warmind Map which, however, has been leaked and posted to Reddit for fans to squeeze even more information out of it.

The leaked photo of the Destiny 2: Warmind Map has originally been spotted in a video posted on the internet but it has been quickly deleted, but not before a Reddit user managed to take a snapshot of it. Fans relate the size of the Mars map to that of the Titan, which indicates that this won’t be a small one.  Here’s the map:

The first area you’ll notice, the Glacial Drift, must be the one showcased in the Destiny 2 Warmind reveal live stream. That’s the place where the Escalation Protocol can be initiated and most likely the starting area of your exploration on Mars. Moving on, the Braytech Futurescape looks like it could be a building of shorts, possibly the place where Ana Bray will be stationed and available as a vendor. We’re looking at two landing zones here, yet we don’t know if there will be another.

More areas are visible on the map, however, it looks like there are even more to be discovered, much like the EDZ map had before. Another interesting detail about the map is the counter on the right side saying 0/45 Data Recovered. This seems to be a counter for hidden objects spread throughout the map, which has been mentioned in the live stream but not showcased.

The Destiny 2: Warmind expansion releases on May 8th on all platforms, along with the game’s Season 3 kickstart. The Destiny 2 Warmind expansion is the second installment of the base game and is a part of Destiny 2’s roadmap until season 4. For more news on Destiny 2 stay tuned to SegmentNext.