Wild West Online Release Date Announced, Leaving Early Access Soon

The game that bears the resemblance to Red Dead Redemption, Wild West Online Release Date has been announced. The game will be rolling out on 10th May.

That being said, Wild West Online will soon be leaving early access as well. The players will be able to purchase the game at a retail price through Steam on 10th May.

According to the press announcement, Wild West Online’s full version will include some new features, most of them implemented and already tuned.

That being said, considering that the option for early access to the game is still available.

If you purchase any of the early access editions on the official game’s website before launch, not only will you get to play the game right now but you will also receive a Steam code when the full version of the game launches, on May 10.

Furthermore, you will also get in-game extras as well. Like cosmetics for the character, weapons and much more. Which will not only spice up your game but will certainly make it interesting.

If that is not enough temptation for you then, you will also get to play the Steam version before the actual Wild West Online Release Date.

With all that said, Wild West Online is an upcoming emergent open-world game. Which has its theme centered around the wild west, which you might have already guessed.

The game has been built from ground up for PC only, at this point. Maybe in near future, if this game is able to see good days, the developers may consider the console version of this game.

Adding to the game, Wild West Online features, world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE missions and a lot more stuff.

If you ask us, the game looks really promising. Still, it would be too early to say anything, until we see what the gaming community has to say about the game.