PUBG Miramar Map Is Now Available On Xbox One For A Limited Time

Finally, the wait is over. the desert-themed Miramar map on PUBG is now available on dedicated test server ahead of its Official launch in May.

The new test server includes the Miramar map along with new weapons, new vehicles and more. But since Miramar is in development the features of the game might not work properly according to Microsoft.

Map’s test server is reportedly facing some instability issues right now and Microsoft suggests some features might not work as they should but they will fix it. The current schedule for map’s test server is as follows

PDT – 4/25, 5 p.m till 4/26 8 a.m.

CEST – 4/26, 2 a.m. till 5 p.m.

In related news, soon you will finally be able to skip a map with map selection and it has hit the test servers on PC. PUBG Corp has admitted that the players want this feature but before they release it to the public they need to sort out some problems.

This feature might come soon to Xbox servers in the future after the release of the Miramar map. This feature will help players to play the map they like and skip the one they don’t like, like the Miramar map which PC players have been requesting to skip for some time.

PUBG on PC is also getting two new maps located in Russia and Southeast Asia. No details on when they will be available.

If you want to test the new map on Xbox test server all you have to do is to go to the Microsoft Store and download PUBG test server client from there. To access the map you will need to own PUBG.

PUBG mobile is also available to play on iOS and Android devices. We tried and the game was better than our expectations giving the same experience as PUBG is known for on PC. It handles 100 player battle royale really good. Graphics are also good for a mobile device and controls are easy to use.

What do you think about the Miramar map coming to the Xbox One? let us know in the comments below.