TSCM Starts Massive 7nm Chip Production, Possibly Destined For The PS5

According to recent reports, full production for PS5 might not be as far as we thought it would be. A possible chip manufacturer has started mass production of 7nm process chips, which might be just what Sony’s new console will be using.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is one of the potential chip manufacturers for the supposedly upcoming PS5 and while it might be a long time before we actually find more about its architecture, it is believed that they are making PS5’s chips right now.

According to AnandTech, the manufacturer’s chips adopt the 7nm (CLN7FF) process technology which may be powering the PS5. Furthermore, the company’s president C. C. Wei has mention gaming as a factor for their production. He states:

“More than 50 products tape-outs has been planned by end of this year from applications across mobile, server CPU, network processor, gaming, GPU, PGA, cryptocurrency, automotive and AI. Our 7nm is already in volume production.”

The fact that such massive amounts of chips are being produced for gaming can only mean that they are destined for something big. Both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are based on the 16nm node and will be looking for something more compact for their next console so that’s one more reason for Sony to be turning to TSMC for the upcoming PS5.

As reported, Sony will most likely use the next iteration of the AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) which is currently in the PS4 to the PS5.

A few weeks ago, information about the upcoming PS5 leaked, giving information about its architecture and features. According to the leak, Sony’s next console won’t release before 2020 and will be an upgrade to the existing ps4. As for its features, backward compatibility is one of the rumored ones along with cloud storage.