Nintendo E3 2018 Plans Revealed, Focus Set On Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has recently revealed some of its plans for E3 2018. They have disclosed the time at which the broadcast will take place, alongside the fact that, Nintendo E3 will mostly focus on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch.

The annual Nintendo E3 presentation shall be broadcasted at 5 pm UK time on Tuesday 12th June. Furthermore, as mentioned before, their prime focus will center around the upcoming Super Smash Bros game for Nintendo Switch.

If you remember last year, Super Mario Odyssey was the prime focus of the Nintendo Direct. Similar will be the case this year, only the focus game has changed.

Furthermore, Super Smash Bros. for Switch will receive the most screen time during the presentation as elaborated by Nintendo.

Adding to the information, the Nintendo E3 show will be pre-recorded video presentation which will be available to watch online, as always.

The rest of the Nintendo E3 plans and schedules for this year are pretty much the same as before. Nintendo’s live streaming will be live for three days via Nintendo Treehouse.

With all that said, E3 will also be touching Splatoon 2 World Championship semifinals as well.

So the question now stands, what else can we expect to see from Nintendo E3? Well, the upcoming Pokemon game for Switch is perhaps a safe bet.

Any news regarding Metroid Prime 4 would be something that most of the fans would be looking for. We are aware that it may not get released in 2018 still E3 would be a right moment to reveal some updates.

That is pretty much it, on the Nintendo E3, hopefully, we might have a little more fragments of information before the annual presentation takes place.

That said, Nintendo has recently updated the sales numbers of Switch and 3DS as of March 31. Which has revealed that the Switch sales have reached 17.79 million mark. On which Nintendo is very optimistic about it.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo E3 plans? What is your expectation for the E3? Let us know in the comments below.