New Mobile RPG Dragalia Lost Is In Works By Nintendo And Cygames

Nintendo has announced that they are collaborating with Cygames to release a mobile action game. Both will work together to create a new RPG game for smart devices to be called Dragalia Lost.

Without much details at the moment, the company has said the game will be available sometime in the summer. First, it will have a launch in Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Macao, among others. Later, North America and Europe will arrive.

The company says:

“Nintendo will launch Dragalia Lost, a totally new and original RPG application and action designed by Cygames for smart mobile devices. Nintendo has co-developed the game and will operate it in conjunction with Cygames, bringing to life the shared vision of a new gaming experience with appeal across the globe.”

Cygame is a top Tokyo based mobile developer in Japan and they are mostly known for their Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse, Cinderella Girls, Rage of Bahamut and Battle Champs.

As for the deal, Nintendo will take 5% of Cygame’s stock and at this moment there are no more details about the game, so we will have to wait for upcoming news about this new installment by Nintendo for mobile devices.

It was recently revealed Shuntaro Furukawa Is Replacing Tatsumi Kimishima As The President Of Nintendo. Tastumi will take the role of a corporate advisor for the company and his name will be forever linked to Nintendo Switch as it brought huge success to the company.

This change was made because the company wanted their management to be younger to understand their customers better.

Nintendo is always innovating and they recently told in an interview how their hiring system is different than other companies. They encourage creativity and time their employees put into products rather than just looking at the final outcome.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo working with Cygames? Will you play it? Let us know in the comments below.