Microsoft Will Keep Investing In Cloud Services For Xbox

Microsoft revealed during its quarterly financial conference that the company is trying to find ‘expansive’ ways when it comes to gaming on their Xbox console.

Officer Satya Nadella and Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood discussed the performance of the Xbox business. Nadella told that they are also looking at how the games are played, viewed, other than creators and distributors. Xbox One had a tough last year as its games such Scalebound, Fable Legends and Crackdown were delayed to a release in 2018.

After having a rough year still, Microsoft had ”one of the best quarter in gaming with strong revenue performance and record levels of engagement”.

He further explained that the how  Microsoft is “continuing to attract, retain, and deepen user relationships across Xbox Live, Game Pass, and Mixer,”. He revealed that Sea Of Thieves “drove gameplay” across Microsoft Windows and Xbox One up to 10 million hours of viewership including a platform like Mixer.

Praising the performance of its Xbox console, Nadella said that “they will continue to invest in the platform enhancing the cloud services with AI capabilities for developers to quickly build and monetize their games across PC, console, and mobile.”

Afterward, Amy Hood explained that the Microsoft’s gaming business performance was better than expected. Which she mentioned that is mostly from the third party title which can be none other than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, even though she didn’t reveal the name.

Microsoft is expecting higher revenue growth rate than the past. Which will eventually come if they keep bringing new exclusive games like PUBG and Sea Of Thieves. Phil Spencer has also reassured gamers that they will be getting exclusives just like PS4. Above all, they will stop canceling titles and push them further.

For everything else, we will get to hear more from Microsoft about its games and the direction they are heading to at E3 2018.