Microsoft Explains Strategy For Driving Growth, Xbox One Is The Highest Engagement Console

In the recent quarterly financial conference call of Microsoft, the Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella and the Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood have shed light on Xbox One being the highest engagement console and explained the company’s strategy for driving growth.

In the Question and Answer session, Nadella and Hood talked about their take on growth in the Xbox business.

Also mentioning a vibrant platform, in which the fans believe. They want to maintain that particular faith which the fans have and further increase it.

When asked, Nadella explained Microsoft’s strategy for driving growth. According to him the company’s strategy for the gaming section really helps articulate growth opportunities as well as the investment across various platforms of the company.

Furthermore, he added that “Xbox One is the highest-engagement console in the marketplace.” Which is something the company wants to maintain in the long run.

The last point Nadella added was that Microsoft has gathered all the available knowledge of what it takes to build first party games and has used it into Azure for game development.

Amy Hood, on the other hand, shared her expectations, that in the current quarter she has high hopes for the continuation of this growth; in Xbox software and services.

She further added that although there is some “volatility” in the growth numbers, third-party hit games are expected to push the numbers higher.

Finishing off, she said that, the base of the business is really strong and that she believes is a result of having “vibrant platform with fans that believe in it and come to it with all the value that has been added”.

That being said, it seems like Microsoft is prepping for the future Xbox console.

Although they have not announced anything nor have they revealed much but few rumors, speculations, and leaks seem to suggest so.

A recent job listing has revealed that the company has been looking for Senior Electrical Engineer who will be working on the future Xbox designs.

Lets hope we hear something on that soon enough.