Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Energy Guide – How To Keep Energy Filled Up, Energy Deposits Locations

The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Energy Guide will help you earn Energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery whenever you’re low on it. Of course, we know you don’t want to stop playing, it’s too darn addictive. Head down below to find Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery tips for collecting Energy in the shortest period of time possible.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Energy Farming

You need Energy in the game for doing almost anything. Every challenge and story tasks will require some Energy before you can continue. In such a case, you can just wait to have the bar replenish. But that’s not cool!

You can then choose to purchase Energy using Gems or real money. But that’s not cool either. The easiest way would be to head to the following locations and tap the required objects to earn Energy for free. Yep, the developers had other clever and hidden ways for players to explore.

Energy Deposit #1
Location: East Towers
You need to look for a mirror-like portrait or painting left of the first door.

Energy Deposit #2
Location: West Towers
For this one, you need to tap on the portrait that is situated left of Prefect’s Bathroom.

Energy Deposit #3
Location: Lower Floor, West Side
Head to the pillar right of the Great Hall. Tap the torch hanging from it to earn Energy. You can find another source of Energy within this area. Move towards the second Knight that will be wielding a sword. Tap him to get Energy.

Energy Deposit #4
Location: Lower Floor, East Side
Here, you’ll need to find a bench which holds numerous books on top of each other. Tap this stack of books to collect Energy.

Energy Deposit #5
Location: Dungeons
House Elves will always give you Energy no matter wherever you find them. For instance, you can find one near the Kitchen in the Dungeons.

Energy Deposit #6
Location: Castle Grounds
Interact with the stick you will find lying down on the ground.

Moreover, you can find Energy from tapping other items which we haven’t discovered as of yet. So, keep tapping EVERYTHING! Also, there’s a maximum amount of Energy that you can hold at a given time.

This means, tapping free resources in such a case, will go to waste. You can always return by the way, after a while to see these resources have spawned again. You are also advised to make sure you have sufficient Energy before you attend a class or take on a quest. You won’t be able to get out of a quest in the middle so you’ll be stuck.

If you have discovered of other ways to obtain Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Energy, let us know in the comments below!

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