Far Cry 5 Digital Sales Have Made It A Massive Success, Sold Over 2.5 Million Copies

It has just been a month since Far Cry 5 rolled out and it has exceeded everyone’s expectations, in terms of sales. Turns out Far Cry 5 Digital Sales have surpassed 2.5 million mark. Which has made this game a massive success.

In the recent NPD results for the month of March, we came to know that PS4 was the best selling hardware whereas Far Cry 5 was the best selling software, in the US.

Not only in the US was this game topping charts, in the UK it stayed on top for three weeks in a row, in terms of physical sales that is.

Although now in the recently revealed worldwide ranking for top grossing games on PC and consoles. Far Cry 5 ranks number two, while Fortnite still stands on top, in the console ranking.

All the while in the PC ranking, Far Cry 5 ranks at 9th, while PUBG is at 7th and Fortnite at 5th.

Now if we consider only the digital launch, Far Cry 5 Digital Sales are 500% over Far Cry Primal which launched 2 years back and that is a huge jump.

Fortnite might have generated a huge $223 million in the last month alone, but Far Cry 5 was not short of its followers.

That being said, not sure if you guys have heard or not, Far Cry 5 was cracked in less than a month, courtesy of CPY. Even with all the layers of protection, it took precisely 19 days to break through them.

So apparently, DRM protection, as well as Denuvo protection and VMProtect, were not enough to keep the game from getting cracked.

Ubisoft like to think that this cracking has not had much influence on the sales in general, and perhaps they just might be right since the game has shown results.

Still, there could be at least a collateral damage at the backhand which may have influenced at least a little.

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