Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon To Get A Brand New Mythical Pokemon Zeraora Very Soon

The Pokemon company has recently unveiled more details of an upcoming Mythical Pokemon Zeraora for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. They revealed this new upcoming Pokemon via a video demo.

The video demo has been made available to you, so you guys can take a look what this Mythical Pokémon Zeraora will be like.

As you may see in the video that, this Mythical Pokemon Zeraora’s signature move is Plasma First. This Plasma First is a very powerful electric move.

What it does is that it turns all the Normal-type moves into electric type moves for the rest of the turn. Which if you a are a fan may know that, it will change pretty much the who spectrum of the fight.

That being said, the special battle video has also been released and you can watch it by downloading it with the following code; QKUW-WWWW-WWWL-J5T

The battle video showcases Zeraora’s strengths and allows you to have a mock battle against it. We can see Zeraora in the battle demo, having an air balloon and the following moves; Plasma fists, Close Combat, Thunder Punch, Thunder.

That being said, more details on this pokemon are bound to come. At the moment we are not sure, when will this new Mythical Pokemon Zeraora be joining us.

Bets are it will likely be disturbed, sometime soon. Since they have rolled out these details of the pokemon it is only a matter of time that it joins us in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

With all that said, if our memory serves us right, this is not the first time we have heard about this pokemon. A little while back we did receive a trailer for the same pokemon.

Fans have been waiting for more news regarding this pokemon and now that more interesting details have landed. We can be hopeful that this pokemon is just out the door.