Nintendo Always Tries To Work On New Things, Be As Creative as Possible, Says Shinya Takahashi

The Guardian recently published an interview with the Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s General Manager Of Development and discussed how their hiring system is different from other companies and how they are continuously trying to innovate and make people happy with their products.

Nintendo has had a long journey with 128 years of history and it’s mostly known for DS and Wii console afterward which they faced a lot of struggle trying to compete with its competitors and smartphone games. But this all changed in March 2017 after the launch of the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming and console was a huge success with new features like connecting it to a TV and playing at home with exclusive games like Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Shinya Takahashi is the mind behind this amazing innovation and since then people have been asking him how they take such risks. He responded by saying:

“People always ask us whether we take risks on purpose,” he reveals. “But to us, we don’t really take risks – we just keep trying new things. The thinking that guides us is: what can we do to pleasantly surprise players? It’s not that we’re consciously trying to innovate; we’re trying to find ways to make people happy. The result is that we come up with things other people have not done.”

Talking about the staff he told Guardian that their hiring system is different than any of the western companies. They hire people out of college and choose those who understand what they have accomplished. They are looking for students with lots of knowledge, interest and determination.

Takahashi continued by saying that he doesn’t care about how the product looks like in the end. instead, he cares about their focus and thoughts they had about the project all this time while working on it.

We like our staff to be as creative as possible – and creative people should not just listen to their bosses

He also encourages people to ask questions rather than to just say yes or not which is quite a different approach and reason for the success of Nintendo Switch.

Source: The Guardian