New League Of Legends Champion Might Be A Dark Manta Ray Support

A new League of Legends champion is being teased by Riot Games, and many fans are thinking that it might be some kind of big, dark, manta ray-esque support character, going by the studio’s description. All that we have on what it might be is a picture with little detail.

That picture seems more suited to something involving Nautilus, a tank champion that already has the sea as a big part of his character. The picture itself depicts a view outside of what looks like a porthole of a sunken ship, with marine life (including one particularly big whale-like creature) swimming past.

What exactly this might mean for this new League of Legends champion remains to be seen, but Riot Games has said that it’s a “dark, aggressive, support champion.” While multiple champions in League of Legends have some history with one another (the various Noxian and Demacian heroes often fighting one another in their kingdoms’ wars, other adventurers encountering one another), there’s no telling if this manta ray will be connected to anyone else.

There are a few possible clues as to what it might actually be beyond that picture, however; a similar silhouette has been seen previously in Battlecast splash art, so there might be a connection between it and League of Legends. However, once again, we don’t really have any sort of idea of what this new support champion will involve.

Either way, we’ll likely be getting more information about this new League of Legends champion sometime soon from Riot, whether in the form of an actual debut trailer or some form of story. In the meantime, there’s likely to be a lot more speculation about the identity and abilities of this new character.

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