Microsoft is Shutting Down ElDewrito But Hopes To Partner With Them In Future

Halo has a dedicated modding community but not everyone can run mods as the series is owned by Microsoft. The latest example is of Microsoft shutting down a fan-made mod of Halo Online.

After several years of development and peaks at several thousand simultaneous players, the mod ElDewrito whose aim was to recreate the multiplayer experience of Halo 3, is shutting down. Microsoft has indeed taken legal measures to counter the mod, especially, for some assets used by the development team.  ElDewrito relies on various original creations of Microsoft which include sounds, weapons, armor and more.

Halo developer 343 says that it is not shutting down the mod but they will be removing the online code and its elements wherever they are present. The developer also issued a statement regarding the modding community:

“With Halo Online, there’s a common misconception that once it was cancelled, the assets were either turned over as ‘open source’ or left for the community’s whims as ‘abandonware’ – neither of which is actually true,”

Modders have also said that they honor this request and Microsoft will be taking its assets down but not the mod. ElDewrito at one point had 8000 concurrent players online which marked that everyone wanted to have an online Halo experience.

Yesterday Phil Spencer also revealed on Twitter that they are bringing a new Halo experience to PC and suggested that they will partner with the ElDewrito team to work on it.

Until then at the time of writing, the ElDewrito site is still active with over 200,000 games hosted and people are still playing Halo online while they can.

Are you a player of ElDewrito? What you think about this sudden shutting of the mod and are you looking forward to Microsoft and ElDewrito working together for the new Halo experience on PC. Let us know in the comments below.