GameCube Emulator Running Legend of Zelda Wind Waker On Nintendo Switch, Is Switch Completely Compromised?

Recently, a future-proof Switch hack was made public which can’t be patched due to inherent vulnerabilities in Nvidia Tegra chip and shortly after the hack emerged, Hackers have managed to run GameCube Emulator on Nintendo Switch.

This future-proof Switch hack was revealed by hacker Katherine Temkin and is called Fusée Gelée coldboot vulnerability. Now, shortly after the hack went public, a hacker uploaded a video showcasing a GameCube Emulator running The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker on Nintendo Switch.

While the video is only 35 seconds long but, it showcases enough to give us an idea that the Nintendo Switch is having no problem running the GameCube Emulator.

The aforementioned exploit is basically related to Nvidia Tegra X1 chip which unfortunately also powers the Nintendo Switch. The exploit uses the Tegra X1’s USB recovery mode vulnerability that circumvents the lock-out functionality whose job is to protect the bootROM.

Since this future-proof Nintendo Switch hack can’t be patched out by any means, the only way to make the upcoming batches of Switch secure is to use a new SOC for the hybrid console.

With the GameCube Emulator running the Wind Waker on Nintendo Switch with acceptable frame rates we wonder what other games this emulator will be able to run on Switch.

Speaking of the emulator, you can now play Demon’s Souls At 4K/30 FPS On PC using the RPCS3 emulator which, of course, far outperforms the PlayStation 3.

The devs of the RPCS3 emulator have also been making steady improvements for their PlayStation 3 emulator. Recently, the emulator saw improvements God Of War 3, Army Of Two and more games to make them run more smoothly while running on the emulator.

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