Frostpunk Scouting Guide – Unlocking Scouting Areas, Expeditions, Rewards

In this Frostpunk Scouting Guide, we will guide you on different scouts that you can send your expedition parties to. There are a number of different scouting areas and completing each will give you different rewards as well as unlock new areas and structures for you. We have detailed all of this in our Frostpunk Scouting Guide.

Frostpunk is the new game from the developers of This War of Mine and in this game; you must take control of the last surviving city in the world and make it prosper. Construct buildings, collect resources, manage food, create laws, and regulations and do whatever it takes to make sure that your society survives the harsh cold.

Frostpunk Scouting

In Frostpunk, once you have constructed the Beacon, it will allow you to recon and send scouting parties on different expeditions around you. They explore the area around you, look for bonuses and rewards, and bring them back to you. We have detailed all expeditions below:


Expeditions/Scouting Areas Rewards
Lost Expedition Complete it to get 3 children, 10 engineers and 22 workers as survivors and discover Gloomy Cave and Sturdy Shelter.
Gloomy Cave Complete it get 4 children, 18 engineers and 11 workers as survivors. This expedition puts your scouts on risk so you might lose them if they fail.
Sturdy Shelter Complete it to get 102 food, 216 wood and 1 steam core. It discovers Steel Bridge.
Steel Bridge Complete is to get 85 automaton or steel or 2 steam cores. Discovers Weather Station and Large Convoy.
Weather Station Complete it to get 91 coal and 1 steam core. Discovers Winterhome and Coal Mine.
Winterhome Complete it to unlock ‘We’re on our Own’ order/faith. Discovers Snow Cliff and American Camp.
Snow Cliff Complete it to get 98 rations, 61 wood and 1 steam core. Discovers Shrouded Cave and Freshwater Springs.
Freshwater Springs Complete it to get 7 children and 22 workers as survivors. Discovers Frozen Grove.
Shrouded Cave Complete it to get 34 children as survivors.
Frozen Grove Complete it to get 258 wood.
Large Convoy Complete it get 18 engineers and 26 workers as survivors.
Coal Mine Complete it to get an outpost along with 263 coal on first completion and then 800 daily. If the outpost is lost, you get 202 coal, 208 wood and 2 steam cores. The choice is yours to make for the outpost.
Crash Site Complete it to get 149 wood and 45 raw food. Also unlocks Observatory.
American Camp Complete it to get 65 steel and 1 steam core. Discovers Temporary Settlement
Observatory Complete it to get 4 children, 19 engineers and 12 workers as survivors.
Temporary Settlement Complete it to get 216 wood or 1 steam core. Discovers Fishing Village and Walled Colony
Fishing Village Complete it and keep it as an outpost to get 2 steam cores and food. If you decide to dismantle it, you get 279 wood and 2 steam cores. Discovers Tesla City.
Walled Colony Complete it to get 7 children, 18 engineers and 36 workers as survivors.
Tesla City Complete it to make it an outpost and get 1 steam core daily. Scouts are at risk for this expedition. Discovers Dreadnought Landing.
Dreadnought Landing Complete it to get 128 steel, 116 wood and 1 steam core. Discovers Research Station and Ice Corridor.
Ice Corridor Unlocks stepping-stone. Discovers Icebound Dreadnought.
Research Station Complete it to get 72 steel, 140 wood and 2 steam cores. Discovers Cave Hideout.
Cave Hideout Complete it to get 35 workers. Discovers Frozen Pond and wrecked vehicle.
Frozen Pond N/A
Wrecked Vehicle N/A
Icebound Dreadnought Complete it to get 128 steel, 213 wood and 2 steam cores. Discovers Abandoned sawmill.
Abandoned Sawmill Complete it to get 258 wood. Discovers Snow-covered supplies and Stone Ship.
Snow Covered Supplies Complete it to get 53 raw food. Discovers ruined warehouse.
Stone Ship N/A
Ruined Warehouse Complete it to get 173 wood and 53 food.
Ice Crevasse Complete it to get 12 workers and 7 children as survivors.
Deep Hollow Complete it to get 11 workers and 7 children as survivors.
Snow Burrows Complete it to get 12 workers and 7 children as survivors.
Camp Vulcan Complete it to get 19 engineers as survivors. They might be at risk here.
Camp Compass Complete it to get 18 engineers as survivors.
Camp Meteor N/A
Jagged Rocks N/A
Ice Caves N/A
Fortified Hut N/A


We will continue to add more information to our Frostpunk Scouting Guide. Check back soon to find more information on these expeditions.

This concludes our Frostpunk Scouting Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!