Frostpunk Guide – How to Increase Hope and Decrease Discontent (Tips And Strategies)

This Frostpunk Guide is for maintaining a balance between the two game defining bars of Hope and Discontent. We highlight some tips and strategies you can adopt to make sure your community is always well and thriving. We will also discuss what happens if you screw up.

Frostpunk Guide to Hope and Discontent

Both of these lifelines go together in determining the ultimate outcome of your empire. You would have to make sure that the discontent bar never reaches a critically high value and the hope bar does not reach a critically low one.

All your actions including the laws you pass, buildings you erect, and other decisions you make will impact the progression of these bars. Some actions will alter both but some will influence at least one.

These bars are always available to be seen at the center-bottom of the screen along with the icons for how many people are hunger, homeless, sick, and fatally wounded.

Of course, these icons contribute the most to peoples’ hope and discontent but there are several other factors as well.


You can find a detailed Food Guide by heading over to the link. You will need to construct as many Hunter Huts and Heat Houses as you possibly can. These are the sources of raw food; you can turn into edible form.

Using Cookhouses and passing crucial laws, you will be able to maintain a steady supply of consumables for the citizens and hence keep up the Hope.

Medical Care

In addition to keeping everyone fed up, you will need to take good care of their health and medical condition. This calls for constructing medical poles and placing them in heated zones.

However, since these will take time for healing patients, so it is advisable to admit terminally ill patients in a Care House. You can also allow Radical Treatment to be introduced boosting the chances for citizens being cured. Additionally, make sure temperature from the reactors is not too high for people to start becoming sick.

Book of Laws

Under this, you can erect a number of buildings of different varieties all for the purpose of letting the citizens cling to hope. This includes entertainment houses to prevent discontent among the citizens.

You can also have other establishments to boost hope like Churches, Temples, and Shrines to inspire religious feelings and hence cooperation among the people.


These are responsible for heating everything around in the post-apocalyptic frozen world. God forbid, if anything unfortunate has to happen to it, there will be dire consequences. You can additionally choose to place heating hubs and other heaters around for maintaining survivable temperatures.


You can choose to enact these very important laws that play a part in keeping up hope for the people. The Prosthesis Law and the Moonshine Law will make sure you are never low on Hope Meter.

Moreover, build guard stations in small intervals of each other all around the city. Always follow the Order Path of Laws.

Fail and You Face the Consequences

If either of these crucial bars reach their extreme (100% for Discontent and/or 0% for Hope), there is some real trouble you will find yourself in.

This will lead people to form a resistance of a type and commit mutiny. Ultimately, you will be banished from the empire and the game ends. Good luck starting all over again.

This is all we have in our Frostpunk Guide to Hope and Discontent. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!