Bungie Has Hired A Youtuber As A Gameplay Specialist for Destiny 2

Recently we discussed that how Destiny 2 wasn’t doing good and to improve the game Bungie was looking for popular Destiny Youtubers and streamers. Finally, Bungie has hired a Youtuber named Patrick ‘Holtzmann’ Casey who’s been playing Destiny since its launch and aims to improve the game.

Patrick ‘Holtzmann’ Casey will work at Bungie for three months as a gameplay specialist. He is a famous Youtuber and a well-known personality. No one has a better idea of the game as he’s a big fan of the series and has been playing since its launch. He can provide a good analysis of the various problems Destiny 2 is going through.

Patrick took it to Twitter to reveal about his job and thanked everyone for the support.

Hiring as a gameplay specialist is a reason Bungie wants to try and find what problems they are facing, to recognize and fix them to avoid further failures. Casey was hired after a community summit where players were invited by Bungie to provide advice on the game and its story.

We are hoping that Holtzmann brings a good change to the game and we get to play the original game it is known for just like Destiny. Destiny 2 wasn’t well received and it seems to be continuously losing players but Bungie has been sending out weekly updates to make changes in the game.

Destiny 2’s next expansion Warmind was recently revealed on a live stream and we got to know what will be included in it. Warmind DLC includes a new story, a landing zone and is set on Mars comes along with the escalation event and new exotic gear.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed with the current state of Destiny 2? Do you think this will help Bungie fix problems? let us know in the comments below.