You Better “Bring Your Adult Diapers” for It: Chapter Two

It has been mentioned in recent months but as another reminder for the audience, It: Chapter Two intends to turn the horror dial all the way to eleven.

During CinemaCon 2018 this week, director Andy Muschietti relayed a video message for the show-floor that it would be in their best interest to come fully prepared for the upcoming sequel.

It was just last week when producer Roy Lee confirmed that the script is being finalized and production should be underway this summer in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada.

Similar to how the eponymous best-selling novel was divided into two parts by author Stephen King, the rebooted project will follow through the same path. It (2017) told only half of the story and It: Chapter Two will cover the rest. The second installment will take place around 27 years after the children managed to defeat Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, or so they thought.

The members of the “losers club” have now entered adulthood and found success in their lives after moving away from the fabled town. However, a phone call will bring them back to Derry to once again face their fears. Some things never die so easily.

In all honesty, no one expected such gore and jump-scares from the first installment. This is, of course, keeping in mind the original It (1990) from director Tommy Lee Wallace.

It: Chapter Two will open in theaters on September 6, 2019. Care to take a guess as to how the sequel will make you crap your pants during screening?