Xbox One April Update Is Being Rolled Out Today, See What’s Inside

The Xbox One April update is being rolled out today, and with it comes a large number of different changes to the Xbox One and Xbox Live, ranging from new features to improvements across the console’s functions. Major Nelson went into detail on all of the new features and changes on his website.

To start off with, when it comes to video and display the new update has added in a large number of new features. The Xbox One has received an “Auto Low-Latency Mode”, which means that when you start playing a game, your TV, if it’s also ALLM capable, will automatically adjust itself and switch to low latency mode. Xbox Ones will also support variable refresh rate outputs to different displays.

In the streaming and music parts of the Xbox One April update, streamers can also start Mixer broadcasts from anywhere on their console, and they can also share control of their game via a new Share Controller function available in the Mixer settings.

Other changes include adjustments to the console Narrator, ease of access settings, the ability to selectively balance audio, changes to the Microsoft Edge browser along with other changes to the dashboard, and better accessibility to clubs, hubs, and various tournaments so that it’s now easier to play with other people online that like the same games you do.

And that’s not even everything that will be coming. Xbox One Insider members will also be getting a look at other things that will be coming to the Xbox One in the future, allowing Microsoft to gain feedback before putting in new features. For instance, Microsoft is going to be allowing Insiders to be able to connect their Discord accounts with their Xbox Live accounts.

To see the Xbox One April Update for yourself, you can log onto your Xbox One right now and download the update.