Sony Releases Mystery PlayStation 4 Update, Safe To Download

A few hours ago, PlayStation 4 users received a small update with apparently no patch notes. This mystery PlayStation 4 Update provided to improve system performance is safe to download according to Sony safety team manager, even though he didn’t provide any information about its content.

The new System Software update 5.53-01, sized at 69MB, popped up this morning on the console’s download list and bore no restarts or additional information. The only context for this mysterious PlayStation 4 update is that some of your games might require this update to be able to be played. Here’s what the patch supposedly does:

“This system Software update improves system performance.”

What users on Reddit have found out is that before updating,  the Privacy Settings screen popped up with a new option to set visibility for Music listened (Everyone, Friends only, None). Apparently, there’s now the addition of Spotify in users’ profiles along with the ability to show the last song you listened to in the last 30 days.

A few hours ago, safety team manager for PlayStation 4, Luke Mears has answered to users’ questions about the legitimacy of the update 5.53-01, saying:

Yes it’s safe, we wouldn’t release it if it wasn’t.

As it seems, the mysterious PlayStation 4 update 5.53-01 has something to do with privacy settings and media sections shown on your profile. However, Sony still hasn’t released official patch notes for it. For what it’s worth, it’s safe for you to download and install it.

In related news, PS4 update 5.53 is also out now for a few days and while on paper it only brings a minor system stability tweak, there is more than meets the eye. Sony has added new privacy options to allow the player to have more control over his data.

We’ll let you know if more information about this new update gets revealed.