Sea Of Thieves Update 1.0.5 Has Rolled Out, Changes To UI, Performance Enhancements And More

Rare has successfully rolled out, Sea Of Thieves Update 1.0.5 for Xbox One as well as for PC. Besides the general bug squashing and stability fixes, this new update has brought in some changes to UI and performance enhancements.

This Sea Of Thieves Update 1.0.5 has fixed that weapon slot and spawning bugs, which have been plaguing players for a long time.

Many instances of strange text have been rewritten and some elements like the ammo crates have been moved to ships to provide some ease in their use.

Furthermore, Rare has also teased new cosmetics, which shall be coming to the game very soon. That said, you can view some of the details from the patch notes below.


  • New Message from Beyond – The Ferryman was unhappy with the text that had been written describing how to ‘Scuttle’ a ship, so he made them write a better version – and then walk the plank.
  • Reload! – Adjusted position of the Ammo Crates on both ships, so they are easier to interact with.
  • Play the next song! – Players will no longer play the same shanty twice in a row.
  • UI Improvements – Images in the Vanity & Clothing Chests now load gracefully when browsing. In addition all UI screens now fade in when opened – Fancy!

Some of the issues that have been fixed include:

  • Resolved issues where Skeleton Fort or Bounty Quest Skeletons failed to spawn correctly.
  • We have been resolving these spawning issues across the last 2 updates (1.0.3, 1.0.4), however with this update (1.0.5) we have now resolved all known reported spawning issues. If you find any further problem islands, please log a Support Ticket noting the island and we will investigate further.
  • Players will no longer be stuck with a single weapon slot and players weapon choice will now also persist across sessions.
  • Players who were experiencing the Single Weapon Slot issue will now be resolved as soon as they load into game. No more early visits to the Ferryman required!
  • Ships will no longer ping up into the sky when sinking.
    In loving memory of the sky ships. This was our favourite!

Despite the fact that Sea Of Thieves has been criticized for lack of content, the game has managed to become the fastest selling Rare game in the history of the studio. This news comes from a recently published NDP report.

That said, do let us know, what you think about this recent, Sea Of Thieves Update 1.0.5? In the comments below.