PS4 and Far Cry 5 Are On Top of the NPD This March

The NPD results for the month of March have been released in the United States. Turns out PS4 is the best selling hardware whereas Far Cry 5 has topped the chart in terms of sales.

According to the Mat Piscatella, PS4 was the best selling console for the month of March, and it still remains the best selling hardware.

Mat Piscatella further added that this year’s spending has declined 32% year on year, which is pretty much understandable as March is the month in which Switch launched.

The total years spending was 331 million dollars, with some gains for Xbox One while some inevitable declines for Switch.

Since Switch was launched last year, it had been giving tough time to other consoles. Keeping that in mind, after Switch won in January, this is the second month in a row in which PS4 has topped in terms of hardware sales.

As if topping the UK charts was not enough, Far Cry 5 has topped the US charts as well. Adding to that Far Cry 5 has also become the best selling title of 2018.

Furthermore, it has also set a record for the debut month for the Far Cry franchise. The previous record holder from the franchise was Far Cry 3, although now Far Cry 5 has almost doubled the sales.

You would be astounded to hear that, Sea of thieves was the second best selling game for the month of March.

For Rare Sea of Thieves had the highest launch month sales since 1995, considering when NPD started tracking games.

For software, dollar sales were 613 million dollars, with a 10 percent decrease year-on-year.

Spending on PS4 and portable software was down while Xbox One, Switch and PC software saw an upward trend in the spendings.

At the moment these are the statistics that have been revealed by the NPD analyst.

What are your thoughts on this NPD Results? With PS4 topping up in the hardware section while Far Cry 5 in the software section? Let us know in the comments below.