Microsoft Is Adding In PC And Xbox One Discord Support

An upcoming update for the Xbox One has shown that Microsoft is adding in PC and Xbox One Discord support, allowing users of that chat client to be able to use it while they’re playing on either of those consoles and linking their Xbox Live accounts to their Discord accounts.

Discord is a highly popular chat client that’s recently been replacing Skype in many ways. Users are able to create groups and invite people to them, use voice chat, and see what games that their friends are playing. Microsoft will be partnering with Discord in order to connect it to Xbox Live.

The update will also allow Xbox One gamers to be able to link their accounts together on the Xbox One and PC, and will be able to see what their PC friends are playing, and even join in other games with them. With the Xbox One’s Play Anywhere feature, it’s a real possibility that Xbox One and PC players can now play together in new ways.

Microsoft says that the PC and Xbox One Discord support will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and will be available to members of the Xbox One Insider program soon, so if you’re part of that program you’ll be able to use it earlier than anyone else.

In order to link your Discord account with your Xbox Live account, all you have to do is connect it to Xbox Live the same way that you already link things to your social media like Facebook or Twitter. You’ll be able to connect it from your PC the same way, just by looking under the “Connections” tab on Discord itself.

So, if you’re on Discord and want to be able to talk to your friends while playing on your Xbox One, you’ll be able to do that hopefully in a few weeks.