Hellblade Developer “Surprised” With The Success Of PC Version, Promises To Get Everything Right For “PC Audience”

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice launched in 2017 with a great critical reception for PlayStation 4 and PC, however, the developer Ninja Theory didn’t expect the PC version of Hellblade to be so much success.

Speaking with PCGamer, chief creative director Tameem Antoniades noted that the studio was anticipating the PS4 version of Hellblade to be much more successful compared to the PC version and yet they were proven wrong as the sales split between the two was closer than what the studio anticipated.

We did see this as primarily a PlayStation 4 title, and we thought that platform would be the bulk of our sales, and in fact it was pretty evenly split. So going forward, we will make sure that we get our interface and everything right for the PC audience as well.

He further added that the development team was surprised by the fact that so many players played the game with mouse and keyboard as they didn’t hope that the PC version would be successful and didn’t optimize the controls for mouse and keyboard at first but, after the launch they realized they expected wrong and patched things out.

We were so surprised that so many people played the game with mouse and keyboard, and we dropped the ball a little bit at the start. We patched it afterwards, but we dropped the ball with our mouse and keyboard support.

Recently the game was released for the Xbox One along with Xbox One X. Given that the Xbox One X is a 4K capable console it wouldn’t come as a surprise that Xbox one X version is close to PC max settings.

Hellblade is a third-person story driven game developed by Ninja Theory for PC and PlayStation 4 and recently the game was released for the Xbox One.

Source: PCGamer