EA Maxis Provides Clarification On The Changes Made To The Sims 4, Character Trait And More

Recently EA Maxis has brought in some changes to The Sims 4, which include changes in the character trait as well as some changes in the preference of holding toddlers in family portraits. These changes have been greatly criticized for which EA has recently provided clarification.

Although the changes were made a few days back. Apparently, the various criticisms the game has been facing in terms of its depiction of mental health issues,  are the driving force behind these clarifications.

The name of The Sims 4’s “insane” character trait has been changed to “erratic”. Alongside that, the “female preference for holding toddlers in family portraits” has been plucked out. Now, this preference shall take place regardless of any gender bias.

The change in the trait name, was recently criticised in an article by Kotaku. In which the question about what it suggested about mental health was raised.

It pretty much got a lot of attention, and recently EA has clarified a few points on the matter.

EA said that since evolution is a process which doesn’t come to a halt, similarly this change in the trait is a proof of evolution taking place in language.

Furthermore, EA added that their aim is to ensure that players are not offended. As well as, to provide a feel of an enjoyable game, without being distracted by language, which is not always appropriate or current.

Adding to the clarification, EA said that they have made this change in an attempt to “better reflect the design of that trait.”

That being said, all of the behaviors associated with the trait have not been changed.

So, with all that said, we think that the changes and their clarification by EA Maxis in The Sims 4, do make sense. Still, the fans would perhaps be a better judge of that.

Apparently, these aren’t the only changes by EA, very recently many of the EA Maxis’ staff members have been laid off. We are unclear on why a sudden change, but hopefully we shall know soon enough.