Battle for Azeroth Beta Is Finally Here, Did You Get The Invite?

After several months of Alpha phase rich in content, finally the beta version of Battle for Azeroth arrives. Blizzard officially launched the first phase of closed beta for the next expansion of World of Warcraft.

In addition, this means that players in the Alpha version will have their characters reset, but also that new players will receive a key to participate in the test phases. To check if your account has been chosen to participate in the Beta, launch the application, and in the tab reserved for World of Warcraft, you will find a drop-down menu where you can choose between the basic game, the Kingdoms of Tests, or the Beta.

With this new test phase, levels are no longer limited and level 120 is finally accessible. The copying of characters from the live servers will soon be available, and the Alpha forums have been replaced by Beta forums. A special Beta Q & A session will be broadcast on April 26 on the Warcraft channel.

Other than that there are not many updates regarding the content in the game, but to be clear this passage in beta will delete all of all the characters created during the alpha phase and will allow regular players of World of Warcraft to copy their character from the live version of the MMORPG to the latest version of the extension.

Blizzard assures that this is the last test wipe until the launch of Battle of Azeroth Expansion on August 14th. At the same time, this beta will be accompanied by the recruitment of more testers as usual, access to the beta is unlocked via

Along with these updates, Blizzard organizes a live stream on Twitch with the director of Battle for Azeroth ION Hazzikostas this Thursday, April 26 at 11 am PDT where everyone can ask their questions about the game.