Albert Penello Is Leaving Microsoft After 18 Years

Albert Penello announced that he will leave Microsoft.  Penello worked at the company for 18 years and was recognized for his work as the Xbox marketing director.

From his Twitter account, the executive highlighted the importance that the Xbox team has had in his working life. Before joining Microsoft, Penello was already working in the industry, since he was part of Electronic Arts as well as marketing manager.

Penello joined Microsoft in 2000, where he worked on the Xbox, Xbox 360 and Kinect. Later, he became the director of marketing, so he was in charge of all the strategy and commercial planning of the brand.

Albert Penello wrote on Twitter:

Well today is a crazy day. I’ve made the decision after 18 years to leave Microsoft. To say it’s been a “once in a lifetime” experience is an understatement. The team at has meant so much to me and I’ll be cheering them on – there is so much great stuff still to come.

The creative also took the opportunity to thank the support of all the fans of the company and its video game industry. He added

“It has been amazing to meet and talk with many of you. The fans are the energy that keeps the team running, so keep it up! “

No words on where he might be heading next yet.

Indeed this has been a sad month for Xbox and its community as Hardcore Xbox Fan Matt Aka Xbox Addict passed away recently who was the biggest Xbox fan probably because he had an impressive collection an Xbox gamer can dream of which included custom controllers, varied Xbox consoles, games, posters and many more.

Phil Spencer and Microsoft community reached out to his family to express how great of a person he was. Addict was also a huge Sea Of Thieves supporter for which Rare immortalized him on the binding of the game.

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