These 10 Nintendo Switch Accessories Are a Must If You Own the Console

If you own a Nintendo Switch that you are probably in dire need of certain types of accessories to make your handheld experience better or add pleasing aesthetics.

Nintendo Switch is a console that flawlessly transitions between handheld and console. It is a machine that is easy to accessorize so Nintendo offers so many different options for all types of consumers. Be it skins, pro controllers, Joy-Cons, dock charger, covers, Nintendo Switch is can be pampered in a whole lot of ways.

And as we know, getting some of the accessories are a little too expensive so it may take a toll on our wallets. So here are the best Nintendo Switch accessories you should pick up right now.

Super Mario Odyssey Skin & Screen Protector Set for Nintendo Switch – $19.99

Like I mentioned above, Nintendo Switch is a machine that is highly customizable. If you are a Nintendo fan and love Super Mario, you probably wish to get your hands on the amazing Super Mario Odyssey Skin. The skin covers the back of your Switch handheld as well as can be put on both Joy-Cons.

The skin is available in a variety of styles. It is a bold and colorful enhancement for your device, picturing different characters and event within the game. The skin can be placed on the joycons and they are designed to not interfere with the controls.

Super Mario Odyssey Skins are made of heavy-duty 3M materials that resist scratches and tear. You can order the skin and screen protector online or pick up from your local Best Buy store. It is easy to apply and is precision. In case you wish to remove them and apply a different theme, it is very easy to do.

The skins leave no sticky residue so you can pick up multiple designs and apply whichever one you like, and change it afterward with ease and without having to worry about messing up your Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Labo Customization Set – $9.99

Nintendo Switch is a machine that comes with a lot of customization options. However, even its accessories can be customized. Nintendo recently released its Labo kit for Nintendo Switch which is one of the most innovative products to release this year.

It is a DIY solution that fans loved but it didn’t end there. Nintendo is also offering customization kits for your Labo. The set allows you to set your inner artist free. The Labo customization kit comes two pencil sheets that allow you to add your name or messages to your Labo. Meanwhile, two sets of stickers are included for added fun. Express your creativity by creating your own Toy-Con projects.

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Joy-Con Wheel for Nintendo Switch (2-Pack) – Neon red/Neon Blue – $9.99

We already shared with you the amazing Super Mario Odessey skins for your Nintendo Switch. However, there is much more Mario content that you can pick up. The next item on our list isn’t directly a Mario product but its use is mainly for the highly popular Maro Kart series.

Joy-Con Wheel for Nintendo Switch makes Mario Kart even more fun to play. The wheel makes your racing games more exciting and immersive. Players can have more control and fun playing Mario Kart and the likes. All you need to do is place the Joy-Con inside the wheel and secure it and you are good to go.

Joy-Con wheels come with EVA soft pads to cushion and protect your controller.

Buy Now | Joy-Con Wheel for Nintendo Switch (2-Pack) – Neon red/Neon Blue

Nintendo Switch Case, Fit the Dock Station, top4cus Protective Cover for Nintendo Switch – $8.99

Customization aside, you do need to protect your precious Nintendo Switch. Some of us like flashy, colored cases but there are those who do not prefer flashy stuff, even when it comes to buying Nintendo accessories. I am one of those who do not like flashy stuff, I have a transparent case on my phone and I would love to have the same kind for my Nintendo Switch.

Thankfully, there is such a product available that can be picked up. top4cus Protective cover is transparent, sturdy, durable, and cheap. It helps protect your Switch from scratches and spills. You can pick up the cover for just $8.99 and buying two means a 20% discount.

The product fits perfectly on the Switch and even fits the dock so you do not have to take it off when attaching Switch to the dock.

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amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector – $7.99

Continuing the protection, you may also be interested in buying a glass screen protector for you Nintendo Switch console. With any handheld device be it mobile, 3DS, or the Nintendo Switch protecting the screen from scratches should be your first priority.

Getting fingerprints and scratches on the screen in the worst. It ruins those eye-candy visuals and beautiful in-game art. You don’t want to see a scratch on your screen, it doesn’t go away easy so it’s better to protect your device from the get-go.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector is currently 20% off on Amazon. It offers great protection for your device for only $7.99. It is designed to Nintendo Switch so it fits perfectly to the console. According to its creator, It offers “ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience.”

The highly durable solution is 2x more effective than regular screen protectors. The package includes 2x GLASS Screen Protector, Wet Wipes, Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth, Squeeze Card, Easy Installation Use Guide, Hinge Stickers. You can apply it yourself easily.

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ONIKUMA Gaming Headset – $27.99

Gaming headsets are not something most Nintendo Switch users spend money on. But it is a product that can enhance your gaming experience compared to a regular earbud. On the go, there is so much noise around you on the metro or on your local bus.

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset delivers quality sound that to enhance your gaming experience with Nintendo Switch on the go which makes it a great headset solution for just $27.99. The product is on sale right now down from its original $50 price point. The headset is not only compatible with Nintendo Switch but you can use it with your PC as well as a PlayStation 4. You will need an adaptor to use it with an Xbox One. “ONIKUMA game headset features 50mm diver, 16 Ohm impedance, 114dB +/- 3 dB at 1KHz sensitivity and 20HZ-20KHz frequency range”

There is also a built-in noise-cancelling mic you can use with PS4, PC, and Switch. The best part of the headset is its bionic protein cushion coat that helps keep your ears comfy during long gaming sessions. This is a major problem with most headsets but not with this one.

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Hestia Goods Switch Carrying Case – $12.99

Speaking of traveling with your Nintendo Switch, carrying the device is not easy as it isn’t the smallest piece in the world. After playing the device you can put it back in your backpack if you are carrying one but that pose the risk of damaging the device. So what is the best solution? Well, Hestia Goods Switch Carrying Case is the best option when it comes to carrying not only your Nintendo Switch but its cables, joycons, and games as well.

It tightly secures your device in place, you can carry it in your hands on put in your bag and rest assured that your device won’t be damaged. It can hold 4 JoyCons and 20 game cartridges. According to Hestia, they “use High-Quality Nylon Zipper Head, not like the other Nintendo Switch case’s Iron Zipper Head will scratch your precious switch(We show this contrast in the 5th picture). Zipper ensures your small items do not fall out.”

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Nintendo Switch High-Speed Car Charger – $15.67

How can you use your Nintendo Switch on the go if it is out of juice? It is an issue we face mostly with our mobile devices as they run out of battery. We have to carry a power bank or better, get a car charging cable if you are traveling in a car.

Hori is offering a great deal on Nintendo Switch high-speed car charger that can be yours for just $15.67. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a charging icon on the go after you realize the battery is about to die. This charging cable is the best solution for those using their cars to travel.  It is an officially licensed Nintendo product and allows you to play games as you charge.

It comes with a 6-foot long cable and a durable and combat design using USB-C. It will charge your Nintendo Switch as soon as possible to its full capacity so your gaming sessions on the remain uninterrupted.

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Tomtoc Portable Hard Shell Travel Carrying Case – $19.99

If the Hestia case is a little too much for your day to day travel needs, check out Tomtoc Portable Hard Shell Travel Carrying Case. It is the perfect fit for day to day use when going around with your Nintendo Switch. It is made out of soft materials that do not scratch your screen and protect your entire handheld. Along with the handheld, users can carry up to 8 games inside the case.

According to Tomtoc, the case is “lightweight yet stylish and durable case custom-made for protecting and transporting your Nintendo Switch Console more portable &travel-friendly.” It is a soft pouch-like design that can really make it easier to carry your beloved Nintendo Switch with you.

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Nintendo Switch Battery Backup Power Bank for Nintendo Switch – $39.99

In case you are not in a situation where you can charge your device with a charging cable on the go, there are other solutions for your troubles. No one likes running out of battery so Nintendo Switch’s backup power bank contains 1000mAh of power.

It will allow you to have one full charge your on Nintendo Switch machine so you can carry on playing on the go once the battery is down.

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