StarCraft 2 Paid Mods Have Finally Arrived, Check Out Ark Star and Direct Strike

Sometime back in 2009, Blizzard said that StatCraft 2 would include a map marketplace, which shall provide options to buy and sell custom maps. Although it has been a while, still seems like they are finally following up on what they said. Blizzard will be introducing new StarCraft 2 Paid Mods with an upcoming patch.

Alongside upcoming StatCraft 2 patch 4.3.0, Blizzard will be introducing two new Arcade maps developed by some prominent community creators, with whom Blizzard has been working for about a year now.

Both of these two high-quality maps offer various kinds of experiences. Adding to that upon purchase of these two maps, a share of the sales will directly go to the developers who created these maps.

We came to know this, through the blog post, where Blizzard announced these StarCraft 2 Paid Mods and some minor details regarding them.

The names of these two maps are “ARK Star” from creator Pirate and “Direct Strike” from Tya.

ARK Star is a mysterious weapon which Sol Seekers, an elite team of Templar is on a mission to find. You will be taken on an interstellar adventure.

Adding to that you will discover and craft new equipment in order to strengthen your squad, level up and unlock new abilities and talents.

Both of the StarCraft 2 Paid Mods will cost you about $4.99. Although there will be free and premium versions in Direct Strike’s case. Adding to that, Premium will also include four new modes and some special cosmetics.

That being said, just a little while back, StarCraft turned 20 years old. Blizzard celebrated the 20th Anniversary of this real-time strategy title by rewarding all players with goodies in all of their games.

At the moment StarCraft 2, 4.3.0 patch does not have a release date, but we can be hopeful that it will be arriving very soon.