Several Sims Developers Have Been Let Go, At Least 20 Maxis Staff Members Laid Off

Recently we came to know that several veteran Sims developers have been either let go or moved to mobile division.

Among those Sims developers who have been let go are some who have been with the studio since the inception at Maxis. At the moment we are not sure, who has been let go as there are a few who have also been moved to the Sims mobile division; so it is a bit unclear at the moment.

We came to know about this when designer Daniel Hiatt announced last week that he was leaving Maxis EA. At that time he did not reveal whether he was fired or voluntarily left the company.

However, according to a new report, Hiatt was laid off alongside 15 to 20 other Maxis EA staff members. Since this news comes from inside sources, we would recommend you to stay put, especially with the numbers. Until we hear some legit announcement we cannot be certain, how many have been fired or moved.

Adding to that, Producer, Michael Duke, who led the development of The Sims 3 on the console, has apparently changed his LinkedIn description. Now he claims to be “leading the development of a new mobile title.”

Such changes come as a shock to the fans, especially those fans who hold Sims a little to close to the heart. Since a lot of fans were worried and kept asking Duke about his working on the console.

He assured the fans that he is still working on the console, though it is no more his prime focus. Furthermore, he revealed that he is working on a new Maxis mobile project.

Keeping all this into context, this is not the first time anyone has left the Maxis studio. If we look at the history, many developers have either left or have been fired.

Like years back, when three lead developers of Maxis decided to leave the studio in pursuit of their dreams.

As soon we hear any more news regarding this we will let you guys know.

Source: PC Gamer