Ryzen 5 1600 Is Now The Best Selling CPU For AMD, Also Outsold i5 7600K

AMD has been killing it with its Ryzen CPUs and APUs and now Ryzen 5 1600 has become the best-selling CPU for AMD and also outsold the Intel Core i5 7600K in the process.

This is according to Mindfactory who recently revealed the sales figures for the processors in the market and as you can see in the graph below, the Ryzen 5 1600 has become the best-selling CPU for AMD and speaking of the outselling, this particular CPU has also managed to outsell i5 7600K and the i7 8700K.

Speaking of AMD Ryzen, the Ryzen 2000 series has launched and pro-overclockers have managed to overclock Ryzen 7 2700X to 6 GHz clock speed.

The motherboard used to overclock the Ryzen 72700X to 6GHz across all cores was Crosshair VII Hero and the cooling solution used was obviously liquid nitrogen.

Furthermore, while the Ryzen 2000 CPUs and APUs have just launched in the market but AMD has confirmed that it is already working on Zen 5 Micro-Architecture. According to lead Zen architect Mike Clark, he is working on Zen 5 mico-architecture.

Also, using any aftermarket cooling solution will void the warranty for your AMD Ryzen processor.

Go to AMD’s official website and look for FAQs, you will notice that AMD has noted in one of the FAQs that using an aftermarket cooling solution like heatsink or fan will void the warranty on your AMD Ryzen processor.

The reason why this doesn’t make any sense is that according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, companies aren’t allowed to put such specific conditions on a product warranty.

AMD has also confirmed that it has pulled some of the members of Zen micro-architecture team to its Radeon Graphics department to give its upcoming GPUs a boost in power and performance.

According to Suzanne Plummer, CVP of the Radeon Technologies Group, AMD is using the process that went into the success of Ryzen CPUs to give its upcoming AMD Radeon GPUs a boost in performance.

Source: Reddit