Quantic Dream Has Sued French Media Over Allegations of Toxic Work Environment

Quantic Dream‘s next title is just around the corner and is scheduled to launch next month but before the release, allegations of Toxic work environment have surfaced which cannot be good for their upcoming game, Detroit Become Human.

The company has brought a lawsuit against two French Media outlets, Le Monde and Mediapart. Sexism, racism, working overtime for many hours are just some of the things these media outlets accused Quantum Dream of.

This is the image French journalists paint while telling us about the work environment at the Quantic Dream. David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream, disagrees denied these allegations by French Media. According to him, the statements of the journalists are trying to ruin the reputation of the company.

Previously, journalists wrote under which circumstances employees of the company work in. For example, there is racism, many sexist jokes are made and employees often have to work overtime for many hours. Among others, the French newspaper Le Monde outlined how bad the working environment of Quantic Dream would is.

The website Canard PC, who also reported bad working conditions, has received several letters from David Cage. These threatening letters would have arrived both before and after the publication of the news. The website, on the other hand, has not been taken to court.

Canard not only published an article but also posted a pretty spicy picture above the article which has brought nothing but negativity for Quantic Dream and now all of this will be dealt with French defamation law providing were the allegations true or not.

A demo for Detroit Become Human was announced yesterday by Quantic Dream which is now available on the PlayStation store if you want to try it out. According to David Cage, the game features 3 times more choices than their previous games and has already cost Sony a hefty 30$ million in development.

The game will release on May 25 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Source: Kotaku