Next Xbox Console May Take At least Three Years To Roll Out, New Report Suggests

There have been various rumors buzzing around lately about the Next Xbox. Although they are mere speculations, rumors, and leaks, everyone has their eyes wide open for any news regarding the Next Xbox Console. Apparently, there is a new report that suggests a release window.

There is a new report citing three separate sources and attempts to reveal some details about the Next Xbox Console.

According to the report by Thurrott, there is a high possibility that the Next Xbox Console may release “within three years.” For those who are expecting it sometime around 2019 should not hold their breath.

Other than the release date, the report said that there is a possibility of the future console being backward compatible.

Which should not be much of a surprise as Microsoft has been very keen on pushing backward compatibility as a big feature of the Xbox One. We don’t see them dropping it anytime soon.

In fact, you may already know that Microsoft has added backward compatibility for games released on the original Xbox.

At the moment there has not been any official announcement regarding this matter. Although, a recent job listing did reveal, that a future Xbox design may just be in the works.

Just a little while back, there was another job listing that gave away some other details regarding the Next Xbox Console.

It seems like that Microsoft is also considering a new type of DRAM and GDDR6 memory for the future Xbox. This news was plucked out from the nature of the job. As Microsoft was looking for a Senior Engineer for DRAM memory solution.

While you may find, all of these reports very interesting, one that caught our attention was a suggestion by a developer. Who said that there is a possibility of the next console to be an iteration instead of a completely new hardware.

At the moment all of these are mere suggestions, reports, leaks or rumors. Nothing strong on which we could place our expectations on.

So until we hear any official news from Microsoft, it would be too early to expect anything.