God of War Update 1.13 Is Live, Some Minor Improvements And Bug Fixes

God Of War has been getting updates since its release. While we are all aware of the successful launch this game has had, it seems to be that the developers do not want to disrupt the flow of success. For that reason and others, God Of War Update 1.13 has rolled out.

The latest God Of War Update 1.13, fixes some bugs in the game, which have been previously reported, along with that it has also brought in some improvements.

The last two updates we had, 1.11 and 1.12 fixed the text size issue and the aspect ratio problem in the game.

God Of War released just a few days back, and it has been nailing down the market. The game has topped the UK charts, leaving behind Far Cry 5 and many others.

On top of that, in UK God Of War is the fastest selling game of the series. The previously held record was of God Of War 3, in 2010.

Even if we exclude all the success of the game in terms of sales; the game itself as a whole is remarkable.

Various developers from other companies, upon the release of the game, acknowledged how good the game actually is. From the gameplay to the narrative factor, the visuals, everything is in a perfect blend.

For most of the fans, the major concern is of; has this game risen the bar of the gaming industry as a whole or not?

It seems so, perhaps in time, we will know for sure.

During a launch live stream, God of War prototype video was released. The prototype video is the same video, which was pitched to Sony back in 2015, to get a green light on the project.

Upon seeing the video, we can see there are a great many changes that have been made in the final game compared to what was pitched back in 2015.

God Of War is now available exclusively for PS4.