God Of War Frame Rate Test Reveals Improved Performance On PS4 Pro 4K Mode

God Of War launched with great critical acclaim from critics and gamers alike but, the game saw FPS drops on PS4 Pro’s 4K mode despite running at solid 30 FPS on base PS4 but with 1.12 patch rolled out, God Of War frame rate test reveals improved performance on PS4 Pro’s 4K mode.

The God Of War frame rate test, courtesy of VG Tech, compares the frame rates of the game for the base PS4, PS4 Pro performance mode and PS4 Pro resolution mode.

As you can see in the video below, the God Of War frame rate test reveals that the game’s performance om PS4 Pro’s 4K mode is near flawless 30 FPS. The video compares all three modes side by side.

In the beginning, the base PS4 version and PS4 Pro resolution mode hold up the 30 FPS mark flawlessly, however, when Kratos faces Draugrs the FPS dips just a little bit but as it progresses it comes back to 30 FPS and after that, no Major FPS drops were noticed.

As for the performance mode, the game holds between 45- 60 FPS mark making the gameplay experience smoother.

Also, God Of War has become the highest rated PS4 exclusive. The game holds a score of 95 on Metacritic and has also become the highest rated PS4 exclusive of all time in the process.

Furthermore, the game almost didn’t feature any cutscenes. According to game diector Cory Barlog, he initial pitch for the game was to have a no-cut camera and also he didn’t want any cutscene in the game.

The reason why he didn’t want cutscenes in God Of War was that he didn’t think cinematics are necessary for a narrative but the world itself should be the narrative.

God Of War is a third-person action adventure game developed by Sony Santa Monica exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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