Final Fantasy 7 Is More Than Just A Remake Of The Original

CGWorld, a Japanese portal aimed at professionals in the field of graphics, has today published an interview with Shintaro Takai, art director and VFX director of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, who on this occasion spoke about the visual effects and its approach to development.

Takai, who worked on the original Final Fantasy 7 as Special Magic Effects Director, said that at that time they did not think much about the visual effects to be inserted. For example, an enemy could have emitted a red light at the time of the attack for no reason, but only because it created a beautiful effect.

However, if the enemy emits a red blaze it is because of its nature, the weapon it uses, its source of energy and so on. It is not a question of simply improving the graphics, but of making changes that make sense.

Takai continued, when energy is recovered, there should not simply be green sparks, but an effect that paints the invisible energy that moves towards the character and is absorbed by the body by emitting a light.

The team that takes care of the visual effects of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is currently composed of 5 members. Takai aims to enlarge the team, even if not excessively and is looking for developers with a spirit of bringing new things to the game.

His purpose is to create an environment that favors young and motivated developers. To be hired, it is not necessary to know the original game, what required is sense and their skill of work. The newcomers can also rely on the lead of the producer Yoshinori Kitase and the director Tetsuya Nomura.

Keep in mind that Final Fantasy 7 Remake still doesn’t have a release date and is announced for PlayStation 4 only.