Bungie Seeks Streamers’ Help to Fix Destiny 2’s Storyline

Seems like Destiny 2 is not doing good, or perhaps Bungie is looking for major improvements in the game. Recently, we came to know that, Bungie has been inviting popular Destiny Youtubers and streamers, to offer feedback regarding different aspects of the game.

A summit meeting was recently held with the game director Christopher Barrett and several famous content creators, in an attempt to address issues with the game’s storytelling.

Furthermore, Bungie was also looking for suggestions on how to fix the issues. YouTuber MyelinGames, Mercules904, and AER0KNIGHT attended the meeting, while Lore guru Byf did not attend. Although he did upload a video, in which he summed up its findings.

Since they can not comment on all of the issues due some legalities, MyelinGames and others restrained from telling much.

Although through the report posted on Reddit, there are a few things which have been revealed by MyelinGames. In order to keep the game in continuity, some concerns were pointed out. Like Vance’s character changing between games and details from Destiny 1 being contradicted with the Fall of Osiris comic book.

Furthermore, some “cohesiveness issues” in the game’s story like failing to develop Claus during missions, were discussed.

Raid Lairs and Leviathan Raid were deemed as disconnected from the events of the plot. Some of the other issues that were discussed include lack of depth, accessing lore, tone changes and the future story of the game.

At the moment we, cannot tell if Bungie will be taking any steps on the points which were raised. Only in time, we will come to know what Bungie aims to do with the feedback.

That said, Destiny 2’s next expansion Warmind is on its way and will land on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in two weeks time. The content of this expansion will hopefully be revealed in a Twitch live stream tomorrow.

On top of that, in an attempt to advertise the expansion, Bungie has released the Destiny 2 Warmind teaser trailer.

Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer FPS game, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.