Birdo, Diddy Kong and Koopa Paratroopa Join Mario Tennis Aces Roster

Mario Tennis Aces is the next Super Mario spin-off title to hit Nintendo Switch and, while it’s still a few months before it finally releases, it’s expected to be a solid addition to the console’s library. According to a Japanese pre-order campaign, there will be three new characters joining the game’s roster.

According to Nintendo Life, over at Geo Online JP the Japanese pre-order edition of Mario Tennis Aces includes an officially-licensed bag with special icon badges for each character on the roster. Interestingly, three of those badges belong to characters that are new to the series Birdo, Diddy Kong, and Koopa Paratroopa. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed their existence yet, but if the campaign is legit though, then so is their addition to Mario Tennis Aces roster.

Let’s take a look at who those characters are:

Birdo is a fictional character in the Mario franchise. She has been a recurring character in various Super Mario franchise spin-offs. Initially, she was depicted as an antagonist but has since been depicted as an ally. Birdo has also made several cameos, particularly in the Mario Kart series and the Japan-only Wii video game Captain Rainbow.

Diddy Kong is a character in the Donkey Kong series, first appearing in the 1994 game Donkey Kong Country. He is a young monkey who lives on Donkey Kong Island in the Kongo Jungle and is identified by his red cap, which has a Nintendo logo on it, and a red shirt with two stars. He is Donkey Kong’s best friend and is described as his “nephew wannabe” in the Donkey Kong 64 manual.

Koopa Paratroopa is a winged version of a Koopa Troopa in the Super Mario franchise. Its name comes from “paratrooper,” a term used in the military to describe soldiers who parachute down to attack. This is his first time on Mario’s tennis spin-offs too so we can’t wait to see what his special gameplay will be like in-game.

Mario Tennis Aces hits Nintendo Switch on June 22nd as Super Mario’s next spin-off title on the console. This adds a first-party sports genre seller for the Switch so if you’re into sports games, especially if that involves Nintendo characters, then make sure to give it a try.