AMD Radeon Graphics Are Being Used By 53% Of Gamers, More Than Nvidia And Intel Combined

Nvidia and AMD have been waging war against each other for as long as we can remember and last year at CES 2017 Nvidia claimed to be the number 1 gaming platform but it did not specify PC gaming. Being number one in gaming is a huge deal and it seems that AMD Radeon graphics could have caught up with Nvidia after all.

After the Nvidia GeForce Partners Program, AMD marketing has been very aggressive in making its part of the story heard and there is a 34-page long report that backs up the claim that AMD Radeon graphics are being used by 53% gamers, which is more than Nvidia and Intel combined. While Intel only deals in integrated graphics right now we have been getting word that Intel is also going to be launching a dGPU.

If that is the case then Intel will not only be competing with AMD but Nvidia as well. AMD has made a come back last year and it is noticeable to keep in mind that AMD Radeon graphics are used everywhere. In desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks and console amongst other devices.

It should also be noted that mining craze has also boosted AMD graphics cards sales. We have seen AMD market share increase from 27.2% to 33.7% and Nvidia market share dropped from 72.8% to 66.3%. Since 2012 224 million consoles have been sold by Sony and Microsoft. All these consoles were powered by AMD Radeon graphics but the Nintendo Wii U has not been considered as it was not based on X86.

You must be wondering why the Nintendo Switch has not been taken into consideration as it is powered by Nvidia graphics. The answer is very simple, the Switch is based on ARM chip. The report also states that gamers do not own just a PC or a single device. If you are a regular gamer then there are chances that you have a PC and a console. You might even have both the Xbox One and the PS4 in order to play exclusives from both sides.

Other than that everyone has a smartphone on which games are now coming out. Pokemon Go was a huge hit on the mobile platform and modern games that come out on PC and console are also being ported to mobile as well. Fortnite and PUBG mobile are great examples of recently popular PC games that have been ported to mobile as well.

You can check out the whole report here and look at the different figures that have been included.

Let us know what you think about AMD Radeon graphics and whether or not you think it is the number 1 gaming platform on the market right now.