Xbox One 120Hz Support Coming In May, Attempt To Bridge The Gap Between PC and Console

Xbox One 120Hz support has been confirmed to be coming out next month. This will be coming out for insider users first but should also make it to the rest of the people later on. Other than that, insiders will also be getting better movie sharing options and the option to group different applications. PC gamers will tell you that the higher refresh-rate is better and make the gaming experience more responsive.

Once you have moved on to a higher refresh-rate it can be very difficult to come down to 30 or 60 FPS. That is something that gamers have to deal with when shifting from PC to console but this issue could be solved to some extent it the Xbox One 120Hz support coming out next month. 1440p resolution and variable refresh rate have already been added and Xbox One 120Hz support builds on that pre-existing foundation.

You will need a compatible display in order for this to work. If you already have a high refresh-rate monitor then you will be able to plug in your Xbox One when the Xbox One 120Hz support update comes out.

We will let you know more about the Xbox One 120Hz support update and how well the new feature holds up. Stay tuned to SegmentNext in order to learn more.

There will also be smaller features added with the update and you will be able to share gameplay clips much easier than before. You will be able to make quick edits before uploading your clips which is a cool option. The update will roll out automatically so keep our eyes open for the notification.

Let us know what you think about the Xbox One 120Hz support update coming out next month and whether or not this is a feature that you are interested in checking out for yourself.