You Can Get A PlayStation 4 Pro Standalone For Only $319 If You Hurry

The finest present generation console, PlayStation 4 Pro is on a 20% discount, at Target Cartwheel. So if you have been waiting for a reasonable offer, then this here is a perfect opportunity.

Target Cartwheel is offering the standard PS4 Pro SKUs at 20% off which translate into $319.99. Provided you have the Cartwheel app downloaded.

Adding to that, if you are a Target Redcard holder, then you will get an additional 5% off, which drops the price further to $303.99.

Since its launch, this console has been giving a tough competition to its competitor Xbox One. Its high resolution, 4K support, HDR and much more, PlayStation 4 Pro has been nailing down the market.

This offer is for a limited time so it is scheduled to expire on 28th April 2018.

With PlayStation 4 Pro in hand, you will have the privilege to play those popular PS4 exclusive games.

Games like Last of us, Yakuza, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Detroit: Become Human and above all the recently released God Of War.

God Of War is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, which has landed straight into the hearts of gamers.

With the high power and visuals of the console, you will certainly have an experience which you have not had before.

That being said, we are all familiar with the news that PlayStation 5 is probably in the works, but there is still some time before we hear anything about it. Some sources do suggest that it shall come out sometime in 2019.

So perhaps getting a PS4 Pro is a good option for now. The deal expires on 28th April so hurry up if you are interested.