Google Data Collection Is 10x Higher Than Facebook, Consumer Data Being Sold To Third-parties

Facebook has been in the limelight lately for taking customer data and then selling it to other companies but if you thought that Facebook was taking too much date then you will be shocked to know that Google data collection is 10 times more than Facebook. To give you an idea of how much that is, over a year Google data collection on a single user is so high that you can fill a million pages of A4 paper.

If all this Google data collection would be printed out and then stacked up then this stack would be 189ft high. If you can imagine that then you know that the how big this issue is. Google uses this data to build portfolios surrounding customer interest and also sells this data to the highest bidder. According to Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown:

“I am shocked and horrified that the personal intrusion into our lives is so deep – if this was a communist state we would not be tracked so closely. I’m pretty tech-savvy and was not aware of this – it’s unbelievable. At the moment it is a Wild West and we’ve let it happen because we benefit from Google and don’t mind it making a bit of money.

We get a free service but it is massively invasive. My proposition is we tell Google you can have my data but, should you make money from it, I require a share of the profit you make from my property – it’s the same with other property we own.”

This is indeed a very valid argument. If a company if profiting from user date then the users should not only know about it but should benefit from it as well. The following is what a Google spokesperson had to say in this regard:

“The privacy and security of our users are of the utmost importance, which is why we have spent years making available tools like My Account so people can understand and control their Google data and make the privacy choices that are right for them.

We encourage everyone to review My Account regularly, and 3.8 million people did in the UK in the last year. Your data makes things like Google Maps work better and more effectively, by helping to do things like recognizing traffic patterns and help you find the quickest way home.”

Google is a huge company and 2.8% of the worlds storage capacity is being used to store data regarding the 3 Billion users that use Google. While there has been criticism for what Facebook has done, it should be noted that Google is doing the same thing but on a bigger scale and something needs to be done about it.

Let us know what you think about Google data collection and how you feel about your data being shared with other companies.